How Can You Drive More Traffic to Your Twitter Account

There are 330 million monthly active users and 1.3 billion accounts are created until now on Twitter. It is a great social media platform for anyone in the world to reach a big audience and achieve their business goals. Any business, marketer or an advertiser can join Twitter to take the use of this big audience and promote their products or services. To grow a business through Twitter, your business needs a good audience or in other words a good follower base. Along with that follower base you need a good audience where they buy your products or services. The previously said follower base will also help in this case. However there are several ways to drive more traffic to twitter.

Using tweets
Tweets are the ways of sharing content on Twitter. However if you are willing to create Tweets it is better to create them short. People today are busy with their lives and they don’t have much time to engage with your content. So, short content will be helpful in this case. The idea can be delivered briefly through a short Tweet. These short Tweets can attract more people and you can widen the audience easily.

Use of hashtags
Hashtag is the sorting process of Twitter. Using theme specific hashtags and general post related hashtags in the content you share on Twitter enables to reach a wide audience who are searching for those hashtags. Searching and adding the most relevant and matching hashtags into the posts is very important when catching a Twitter audience.

Consistent uploading
If you are running a business account on Twitter, you need to upload content only related to the business on this platform. Otherwise the audience will lose interest in the content and unfollow you. Adding relevant content in a scheduled manner is also important. It will show the organization skills of you and your business to your audience. And also your audience will wait for your content at the relevant time. So uploading the content to the account in a consistent theme and in a specific time period is very important.

Using statistics
If you are sharing a post related to a certain topic, make sure to add statistics such as percentages. It will attract others to read as many people prefer to read such content more than content with plain text. And also using graphs and charts will be more helpful. Another important thing is adding quotes into the posts. People also love to read such quotes and they have a good engagement rate. So adding such quotes related to the posts and promoting your business in a creative way is essential.

Bottom Line
Twitter is a powerful tool to grow a business easily. But to grow a business like that, you need to gather an audience first. The above points will help you in this case. Creating quality and engaging content will help to reach a vast Twitter audience and enable you to get more followers. Using statistics and quotes you can attract people to read the posts more and more. Hashtags will increase the reach of the posts along with the reach of the business. So using Twitter cleverly and following the above steps will drive more traffic to your Twitter account.