Why international SEO should be the next priority for businesses and how they can improve their perf

We’ve reached the point in ecommerce where the world is truly your marketplace. Global payments technology means that you can sell to anyone, anywhere. Creating an ‘always open’ culture that not only allows customers to access the goods they need from wherever in the world they happen to be available but allows businesses to reach almost limitless customers, checked only by their digital performance. But reaching your full global potential involves more than established digital practices.

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What is international SEO?
International SEO takes the foundations of established SEO and enhances them, to optimise results for multiple regions and/or languages. And it’s important because search engines are devised to identify and segregate content according to a range of fixed parameters, delivering the most relevant results for each enquiry.

How can businesses improve international SEO?
International SEO can be influenced by a range of technical and content-driven factors. If businesses really wish to succeed in new territories, or even to access new markets within an existing territory, they need to take steps to address the following areas.

Technical SEO
As well as the maintenance of your standard technical SEO, when you’re aiming to attract an international market, it’s important to remember the use of localised URLs and the optimisation of images for your intended market.

If you want people to see your products and listen to what you have to say, you have to create content that delivers value and that can be really difficult if you’re targeting a non-native territory.

Link building
Backlinks are a fantastic way to increase SEO performance as they work as a signal to search engines that your website is an authority on a particular topic. Much in the same way an author might cite the source of their information. If you can create expert content, which others find useful and wish to refer to – via backlinks – it will always be beneficial to your international SEO.

User experience
Customers expect more than ever from their chosen businesses. If you want to stand out from the crowd, user experience (UX) has to be front and centre. Which means investing in interface, site navigation, imagery, speed, trust building, and value proposition.